While the summer heat provides a refreshing comfort from the dreary winter months, the hot season can also pose damage to your roof. With harmful UV rays, overgrowth of trees, and weather conditions, it is important to maintain your roof with the help of a professional to have a successful summer season, while preparing it for other seasons ahead. Preferred Contractors has outlined five helpful tips to keep your roof in perfect condition this summer!

Tip 1: Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

As always, having a professional inspect your roof is highly suggested every season. However, in the summer, your roof is more susceptible to heat damage, which can cause multiple issues down the line such as unnecessary expansion, cracked asphalt shingles, thermal shock, and an overall weakened roof. Ensuring professional help can not only help you identify these signs but also treat your roof before it reaches this point. Most of the issues on your roof need to be visible to an untrained eye, which is why this initial step is so important.

Tip 2: Ensure Proper Attic Ventilation

With the roof being the shield for your house, it not only protects you from physical aggravators, like rain and debris but also protects you from the cold and heat of the weather. During the summer months, roofs can only do so much to protect you from heat if it is not properly ventilated. Ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated with the help of a professional, before the hot months of summer, is key to a cool and comfortable home. Furthermore, investigating the warning signs of an unventilated roof is equally important. Signs of poor attic ventilation include mold, moisture, and worst of all, high energy bills! Professional insulation, venting, and installing fans can greatly help prevent this.

Tip 3: Trim Overhanging Trees and Branches

During the summer season, it is pertinent to pay close attention to the presence of tree branches in the vicinity of your roof. This is crucial, as the growth of trees and nature during this period may accumulate on your roof, causing damage to your property. Overhanging trees can cause debris buildup, weaken your roof, and damage shingles. To keep your roof protected in the summer from debris, try trimming trees away from your roof. Make sure you are following a safety protocol while trimming, or hire a professional for maximum safety.

Tip 4: Clear Debris from Roof and Gutters

In addition to making sure your roof is clear of trees and summer greenery, checking your gutters for accumulated debris is equally important. Common debris that can accumulate quickly in gutters and roofs are leaves, branches, and dirt. While these seem harmless in themselves, too much can weaken your roof, attract unwanted pests, and cause issues like mold build-up. Using a leaf blower and cleaning your roof after can significantly improve these issues. However, cleaning roofs and gutters can be dangerous, so following a safety protocol and investing in a professional are highly recommended.

Tip 5: Consider a Roof Replacement

Lastly, If you're still experiencing negative effects on your roof even after following these tips for summer maintenance, it could be time for a roofing replacement. Aside from obvious signs like missing shingles, moss, and the possibility that your roof has exceeded its lifespan, if you are not satisfied with the insulation or protection of your roof, then reaching out to a professional contractor can help you decide on a new roof. From here, you can invest in an energy-efficient roof, which is notorious for having a low thermal mass, keeping you cool throughout the summer. Furthermore, they can help lower those high energy bills, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

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