Many of us are familiar with the expression, “You are lucky to have a roof over your head”. We were usually told this in passing, but when we really think about this phrase, we realize how important having a roof is to the aspect of our homes. Roofs not only protect us from bad weather and water leakage but also keep us insulated and offer many more benefits. Consistently maintaining our roofs is crucial to prevent issues like leaks, sagging roofs, damaged shingles, and mold, which can lead to roof destruction and jeopardize our safety. With the help of a roof contractor, we can enable roof inspections to prevent these problems before they even happen. Preferred Contractors has outlined three tips for when it is time to get your roof inspected.

At the 2-4 Year Mark

Typically, most homeowners schedule a roof inspection every 10 years. However, scheduling a roof inspection every two to four years is crucial to catch those minor issues before they become major problems. Signs of minor problems are typically not caught by the average homeowner’s eye but are easily detected by a roofing contractor.

One of the biggest minor issues that emerge during the 2-4-year mark is missing or cracked shingles. While it may seem trivial, shingles are an essential component of our roofs. Shingles serve as a protective barrier against water intrusion. However, when a shingle is missing or cracked, it creates an opening in your roof for water to enter, causing water to not only damage your roof but also your walls, ceilings, and even insulation. It is important to have a professional contractor safely inspect your roof shingles to prevent any issues, instead of attempting to handle the problem on your own.

While the aesthetics of our home and the look of our shingles are also important, maintaining a healthy house is crucial!

After Major Storms

Major storms are the number one cause of roof damage. Although our roofs are highly durable, they are not invincible. Therefore, it is important to call a roof contractor for inspection after any severe weather to avoid any small issues turning into huge ones.

Because our roof protects us from all kinds of bad weather and rain, it is the perfect wet environment to accumulate mold quickly. Mold on the roof is common, but when it becomes more prevalent, it can pose health hazards for homeowners and damage wood and insulation. Furthermore, mold growth is typically unseen in places like attics or inside walls, where moisture is most prevalent. Hiring a roof contractor to identify mold right after a major storm before it has spread, is much easier to do than having to remove it from those nitty-gritty places.

Another important roof aspect to consider after a major storm is to assess your gutter drainage. When a storm deposits leaves, branches, trees, and other debris on your roof, your gutters have the potential to become clogged. Clogged gutters affect the drainage of your house, causing overflow that dumps water onto your roof deck. When the gutter and drainage systems are not effectively diverting water and accumulation from our house, issues like flooding, water damage, and excess roof weight occur.

At Any Sign of Trouble!

While this seems obvious, making sure your roof is inspected at any sign of trouble is vital for you, your roof, and your home. We stress the importance of promptly addressing roof problems as they can quickly escalate from minor to major issues.

An issue that is typically overlooked is having cracked flashing. Similarly, like cracked shingles, cracked flashing is even harder to asses without a trained professional because it is less obvious than a cracked or missing shingle. When flashing is damaged, it can't redirect water from the house. This manifests into water infiltration in your home and causes damage to the foundation of your roof.

Another sign of trouble is inadequate ventilation on the roof. When a ventilation system is broken, issues like mildew and mold growth, excessive attic heat, high energy bills, and damage to other parts of the roof arise. It is crucial to have a professional properly install and inspect your ventilation system. This ensures that the system functions correctly and provides a safe and healthy environment.

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