It can be hard to decide if roof repair or roof replacement is necessary when signs of damage appear on your roof. Allow Preferred Contractors to break down the differences between the two options to make your decision easier.

Roof Repairs

The first thing to know about roof repairs is they are effective at solving minor roof damage or worn roof issues. It’s usually the right option when you have an isolated issue that does not affect your entire roof. A roof repair can be the wrong option if you have underlying problems in your roofing system, as this does not allow for these to be diagnosed and fixed. Roof repairs entail fixing components of a roof such as pipe boots, flashing, ventilation, holes, small gaps, and missing materials that may be leaking or causing other minor issues. Instead of removing the roof from your entire home, only a small portion of the roof would be worked on during a repair to prolong the life of your roof.

While not as costly and lengthy as a full roof replacement, roof repairs should be completed with equally high-quality materials and exceptional service. The sections on the roof should be installed so they are secure and appear seamless, which can be a difficult process for an inexperienced roofer. Roofing is a specialized industry that should only be entrusted to professionals. It’s vital to work with certified, trained roofing experts for your roofing needs due to the cost and importance of a roof.

Roof Replacements

Entire roof replacements may be necessary if your roof has experienced serious damage or is aged. This process involves the complete removal of an existing roofing system by stripping off everything to expose the deck before a new roof can be installed. There may be repairs to sheathing, rafters, and trusses. After all inspections and repairs are complete, your house is now ready to have a new roof put on!

While a roof repair is the more expensive and extensive option, any and all underlying roofing issues you have will be discovered and taken care of, which prevents major issues in the future. Remember that with a new roof, you'll get a warranty that takes care of any minor subsequent problems. If you’ve grown tired of your roof’s style, this can be your opportunity to choose a freshroof type. You will be boosting your home’s curb appeal and bringing your home up to code with your upgrade.

If you decide to replace your roof, you should learn the differences between the materials:

Shingle Roofing - A popular material option due to its affordability, easy maintenance, and durability, shingle roofing is utilized on both residential and commercial properties. Shingle roofing is lightweight and can come in a variety of colors and textures to match your taste. Not only can tile shingles be quickly installed, but they can also be easily repaired in the event of any damage.

Metal Roofing - The natural cooling abilities and sleek design make metal roofing a common material type for both residential and commercial use throughout the Southeast. This popular standing seam application is lightweight and durable, creating a modern and stylish finish. Metal roofing is composed of a mixture of materials such as aluminum and steel, which makes it ideal for protecting your home or building from natural elements.

Flat Roofing - Due to its unique and efficient design, flat roofing provides many benefits to both your home and commercial space. By having a flat roof, you can utilize the space to its full potential; you can build a second story or convert any unused attic area into something useful. Many people choose to install flat roofs above porches or decks because they are low maintenance, leak-proof, require minimal repair, and are secure.

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