A new roof is a huge investment so maintaining your current roof is important. Once you get a new roof, it is important to take proper care of it to ensure it lasts. Even if you are free of leaks or any noticeable roof issues, it will save you time and money in the long run if you have regular maintenance. Instead of letting debris build-up and small damages fester, stay up to date with maintenance. As seasons change, your roof is put through different types of weather changes. In the fall, leaves begin to fall and can clog the gutter and add weight to your roof. To prevent any damage to your roof this fall, here are some roof maintenance tips you can try.

What is Roof Maintenance?

Roof maintenance involves checking on your roof regularly to make sure you are preventing any potential or serious damage. By having regular checks, you could find any potential damages before they have turned into serious ones, saving you time and money. Purchasing a new roof is a big expense; trusting your local roof repairer is the best way to find and fix small problems fast.

Roof maintenance includes regular cleaning, potential patching, and inspections. Regular inspections can help extend the life span of your roof, delaying your need for an entire replacement.

Many forms of roof maintenance can be handled by homeowners, even if you do not think you are handy. As long as you have a safe ladder, you can check your gutters and see if you need any areas patched. If you do not feel comfortable checking your roof, contact your local roofing contractor. This will ensure nothing is missed and your roof gets a thorough check.

Maintenance Tips

Preventing any potential damages will always be cheaper than a repair. Here are some simple ways to keep up with regular roof maintenance.

1. Clean leaves and any other debris off your roof. Debris buildup can contribute to the aging of your roof. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your roof and keep it visually appealing.

2. Clean your gutters to avoid water buildup and flooding. Blocked gutters can lead to leaks and is a factor in deteriorating shingles.

3. Trim tree branches that risk falling on your roof. Having a tree fall on your roof can cause serious damage and be extremely expensive to repair. It is recommended to cut any low-hanging or dead branches.

4. Inspect shingles for wind damage. After serious storms or hurricanes, your shingles could bend. Bent shingles cannot protect your home properly, so it is always important to check them after a serious storm with high winds.

Roof Repair Checklist

1. Figure out which repairs are necessary. Some repairs can be easy to fix on your own so it is important to evaluate if a professional is necessary. However, it is important to consider consulting a professional so they can confirm what actually needs to be repaired.

2. Get a quote from a professional roofer. No matter what kind of repair your roof needs, a quote from a professional can help you plan how to pay for potential repairs.

3. Consider the long-term life of your roof. While repairs can help save money, sometimes a replacement is necessary. You should never settle for a repair when a replacement is necessary. If a replacement is needed, a repair could cause more damage in the long run. Therefore, consider getting a professional's opinion to decide what the best option for you is.

4. Look for damage in your attic and ceiling. Some damages may not be noticeable on your roof, but more noticeable inside your home. This often happens when leaks and water can damage the interior of your home.

5. Request a free evaluation. Multiple professional opinions are never a bad thing. The more opinions you have, the easier your decision should be on whether a repair or replacement is the best option for your roof. In order to keep you and your family safe inside your home, you should never pass up a free evaluation if you feel like something is wrong.

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