The majority of people do not pay attention to their home or businesses roofing until an issue arises. Inspecting your roof often to address repair or replacement needs can help to avoid issues and also make you aware of the wear and tear that it is experiencing.

Here at Preferred Contractors we understand the importance of a long-lasting, durable and aesthetically pleasing roof for any type of property. Repairing or replacing a roof once it has accumulated lots of wear and issues can be expensive which is why we suggest regularly surveying your roof. Here are 5 signs that might indicate a new roof is needed:


The way that your shingles look is a big indicator of your roof's condition. Missing shingles from aging or storms can cause significant damage to your roof. When the protective barrier of shingles is gone, environmental factors such as rain, hail and snow have the opportunity to penetrate to the main roof support which can lead to rot.

Curling shingles are also important to take note of. When shingles experience moisture and heat exposure, often caused by poor roof ventilation from the attic, they can curl and break which also leaves your roof exposed to more damage.

Mold and Moss

Mold and moss on roofing usually occurs in corners and shady areas. The appearance of mold and moss on your roof is an indication that moisture is present. This growth and moisture can have detrimental effects on both your roof and the structure of your home.

When many experience moss and mold in roofing they will try to eliminate it themselves with cleaners and abrasion. While this will reduce the appearance of the growth, the underlying problem will not be solved. The presence of mold and moss may indicate that there is a significant issue that may require a new roof.


Flashing is the material that is located along areas of the roof that may be prone to leakage. When this seal type material is damaged, water and other damaging materials have the opportunity to seep under roofing and into the support of the property. If your flashing begins to deteriorate or peel back it is best to call a roofing expert.


While often more affordable, layering roofing can cause more harm than good. If your original roof has weak sheathing, installing a roof on top of it can cause the new roof to have a reduced lifespan. This added weight can also create stress on the structure of the home or building which can result in issues over time.


If your roof begins to appear saggy, droopy or soft in certain areas, there may be rotting. Roof rotting is an issue that is deeper than the roof itself. Roof rotting should be addressed immediately so that it does not worsen.

Here at Preferred Contractors we want to ensure that your roof is protective and can withstand environmental factors. We are a reliable company with experienced team members ready to assess your roof and determine the best solution.

With a variety of roofing materials available, we are here to repair and replace your roof no matter the size of type. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be your trusted roofing partner.

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